Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dangers of not getting my tree pruned or trimmed?


    Large trees, dead trees, and dead limbs pose a huge threat to your home, vehicles, and your wallet.  If a large storm hits your area, there is a good chance your tree could blow over, split in half, or break some limbs.  If these trees are near your house or cars, there is a great risk of damage which could cost thousands. We will analyze your tree to see if there are problem limbs that may pose a threat and we will work with you on how to accomplish the task.  Pruning and trimming back your trees is a cost effective way to keep your tree healthy and prevent storm damage.

What other residential services does Superior offer?


        In addition to tree removal, trimming, and pruning, we also offer stump grinding.  Our stump grinder allows us to completely get rid of your stump so you don't have to look at that ugly stump in the middle of your yard or flower bed.